Achieve comprehensive code coverage with Coco

Unleash the full potential of your software development process with Coco, the comprehensive code coverage analysis tool from Qt Quality Assurance. 

Gain invaluable insights into your codebase, identify areas for improvement, and ensure the highest quality and reliability of your  C, C++, SystemC, C#, Tcl and QML code.




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Flawless code coverage, easier than ever before.


Automated code coverage for fewer manual errors 

Automated code coverage brings efficiency, scalability, standardization, and valuable insights to your company's testing process. It helps ensure thorough testing, improves code quality, and supports the continuous improvement of software development practices.


 Code coverage integrated seamlessly into your IDE

Review code coverage directly from your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) without switching back and forth between tools. Coco supports in-line code coverage analysis in MS Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, QT Creator, and many other IDEs.


Cross-platform & cross-compiler toolchain 

Coco supports Linux, Windows, RTOS and others. Using gcc, Visual Studio, embedded compilers and more.



Find and clean up unreachable code and redundant tests

Coco helps you identify code that is never executed during testing. This can help uncover dead or unreachable code segments, improving code maintainability and reduce unnecessary complexity.



Hear from a Coco customer

Learn how InnovMetric, leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions, uses Coco to improve their functional testing and continuous integration processes. 

“Using Coco, we can observe that an amount of work we do brings the coverage value up by a certain amount, and that is what is most important to us. It helps us see how good our tests are.” — InnovMetric

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Coco features

Coverage levels

Coco supports statement coverage, branch coverage, MC/DC and other levels.

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Platforms & compilers

Linux, Windows, RTOS and others. Using gcc, Visual Studio, embedded compilers and more.

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Coco supports C, C++, C#, SystemC, Tcl and QML.

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Choice of different report formats (text, HTML, XML, JUnit, Cobertura).

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Continuous integration

Coco can also be integrated with various build, test and CI frameworks like JUnit, Jenkins and SonarQube.

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Advanced analysis

Merging multiple execution reports to provide advanced analysis and more outstanding features.

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Validation & qualification

Comment on issues found, validate manually and get ready for safety standard certifications.

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Test framework integrations

Ready-made integrations for CPPUnit, GoogleTest, NUnit and others.

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Execution timing

Record and report on the execution time of individual or suites of tests.

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Function profiler

Assess and optimize code performance with Coco’s built-in Function Profiler.

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Blackbox testing

Keep source code secure while enabling QA to view test coverage and manage their test executions.

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