Automated GUI Testing That Works

Take the complexity out of testing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) – even in the face of product evolution and safety-critical applications.

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Efficient and Agile GUI Automation

Squish supports agile-oriented teams. Schedule routine or custom-triggered test executions, identify regressions before builds get to QA, and get that fast feedback on commits the team is looking for.


Hybrid Technology Apps

Seamlessly automate multi-technology applications or applications with more than one toolkit. Interact with UI controls of each type natively and automatically and focus your efforts on application quality.


Cross-Collaborative QA

Squish fully supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), an agile testing method which brings together technical and business project stakeholders to bring high-quality products to market.


Powerful Features to Meet Today’s Testing Challenges

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) & testing

Squish® features fully integrated BDD support, and is 100% compatible with the Gherkin (standard BDD) language. Create, record, maintain and debug BDD GUI Tests.

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Recording and playback

Squish GUI Tester features automatic test script recording and recognition of high-level interactions and objects instead of low-level events.

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Test verification & validation

Insert verification points while recording or when refactoring scripts using Squish Verification Points and the Pick tool. Verify object properties, perform image comparisons validate table values.

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Powerful and intuitive test creation environment

Squish GUI Tester integrates recording, test execution and results, script debugging, object spying and advanced script editing and maintenance.

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Multiple real-world scripting languages

Use Squish GUI Tester to automate tests using real-world scripting languages: Python, Perl, JavaScript, Tcl or Ruby.

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Data-driven testing

Drive your scripts using data from a variety of data sources. Even use the Make data-driven wizard to help.

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Distributed batch testing

Use Squish GUI Tester to execute sets of scripts, or batches, and review the detailed logging and execution results.

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Extensive integration options

ALM, Test Management, Continuous Integration, Build Integration and Software Project Management.

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Object map & object identification tools

Simplify test creation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Produce stable and powerful test scripts.

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Hybrid application testing

Seamlessly automate multi-technology applications, or applications with more than one toolkit, using Squish GUI Tester.

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Visual verifications

Advanced verification options of elements and groups of controls.

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Image-based testing

Identify custom controls or 2D/3D graphic plots and images with Image-based testing.

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OCR – Optical Character Recognition

Squish® offers Optical Character Recognition support, a method of onscreen text recognition and verification that complements Squish’s already powerful Image-based and Object-based recognition capabilities.

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Remote control

Fully-integrated, one-click remote control solution for virtually any target.

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Latest Release – Squish 8.0

The latest Squish version introduces model-based testing and adds support for Squish for Qt on Linux arm64, testing Qt 6.7 applications, and much more.

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Qualification Kit

A custom, comprehensive qualification tool to gain the confidence you need to ensure your test processes meet safety standards.

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Take a deep dive into the technical aspects of Squish.

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Squish Evaluation Guide

Evaluation Guide is here to support you throughout the process of an evaluation, from downloading the tool to the point of installing and starting the use.

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