Coco Support

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This evaluation guide assumes you have an active Coco evaluation or commercial license.

1. Getting Support during your evaluation


Qt offers email-based support as well as a comprehensive selection of online resources including screencasts, documentation, knowledgebase, tech articles and more.

1. Email-based Support

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Read Getting Support to learn how to contact support and what information to include when requesting assistance.

2. Edition-specific Tutorials

Prices are based on the number of concurrently running instances of Coco, such as code instrumentation, merging of executions, report generation or using CoverageBrowser.

Every floating seat enabled code coverage analysis for all supported languages such as C, C++, C# and QML.

To use Coco with Embedded Toolchains, the additional Coco Cross-compilation SDK add-on needs to be added for each Coco seat.