Qt Embedded

Automated testing of embedded Qt applications using the Squish for Qt’s Embedded edition

Squish supports automated testing of Qt, QML and QtQuick GUI applications on embedded devices, as well as desktops, across variety of operating systems including embedded Linux, WinCE, QNX, Android and more. This page explains the technical details to set up Squish for Qt to test Qt and QML applications on embedded devices.

For general information about automating the GUI and HMI tests with Squish, please follow this link.

When automating the testing of Qt applications on an embedded platform, Squish remotely connects to the Application Under Test (AUT), injects the Squish Hook, and interacts with the AUT during recording or playback.

A minimal Squish package is installed on the embedded device enabling Squish to communicate with the Qt for Embedded application on the embedded device using a remote Squish instance running on a desktop operating system.

How are tests recorded?

The diagram below illustrates Squish recording test scripts from a desktop computer by communicating over the network to inject the Squish Hook and launch the Qt for Embedded application on the embedded device. Interactions with the on-device embedded application are captured, and returned to Squish in the form of a test script.

How are tests executed?

Similarly, when playing scripts, Squish uses the test scripts when communicating over the network, injects the Squish Hook to launch the Qt for Embedded application on one or more embedded device, and executes the script actions, capturing and revealing the results of the script execution in a report.

What makes embedded environments different?

Embedded environments consist of customized hardware and operating systems. To ensure accurate and reliable testing using Squish, a specialized Squish build, matching an environment’s particular specifications is produced. This is different than the ready-made Squish packages offered for testing desktop applications, as every embedded system configuration varies.

Qt has several customers utilizing the Squish for Qt embedded configuration for their automated GUI testing, including companies in the medical, automoative, aviation, industrial and consumer device industries as well as others.

Squish for Qt Embedded SDK and Support Package

Qt offers a dedicated support package for the Squish for Qt Embedded edition. This package includes an SDK enabling customers to create binary builds from source to match their precise device and configuration. Dedicated Qt technical support, assistance with cross-compilation and deployment as well as general Squish questions are included during the support period.