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Transform your automation strategy

As a technology owner, you probably need to develop the next generation platform for industrial and service automation as well as home automation or to cater to user expectations and market demands. But you also need to maintain your legacy products -- and of course reduce costs.

If you are manufacturing smart devices, developing software for such devices can become cost intensive. And questions about protocol support, interoperability, performance, intuitive user-interfaces and security can cause major headaches.

Try Qt for Automation

Tools to achieve digital transformation

Qt for Automation is a collection of modular, scalable, secure software libraries and development tools that makes software development a cost and time efficient process for smart connected devices in industrial and service automation as well as home appliances.


Are you making smart devices for industrial automation, service automation, building automation or home appliances? Leverage our software tools and libraries to create high value software for your smart devices.

The topics include:

  • Software as the differentiating factor in automation industry
  • The Qt for Automation offering
  • Supported technologies
  • Business model
  • Get first access

Get the "Qt for Automation" webinar to watch on-demand 

In this webinar, Lars König and Aurindam Jana from The Qt Company are presenting the Qt for Automation offering.

Fair winds, following seas and automated ships

Are you making smart devices for industrial automation, service automation, building automation or home appliances? Why not take a page from Ulstein's or BEP Marine's book and watch how they used Qt to great success.

Ulstein’s success story

Ulstein ship automation platform

Ulstein’s modular and distributed architecture of enables efficient process handling.

Read Ulstein’s success story

CZone's success story

CZone Digital Switching

BEP Marine creates automation and modern industrial control interfaces for the Marine, Recreational Vehicle and Emergency Vehicle markets using Qt. 

Parker Hannifin story
Parker Application Manager
System SPA success story

System SPA success story

System SPA is pioneering revolutionary new technologies for ceramics, electronics, logistics and packaging. With Qt they are able to code less and free up time for more productive things.

LASE success story

LASE success story

LASE is one of the worldwide leading companies for laser-based sensor applications for the industry. With Qt they are able to do rapid prototyping for the UI and save a lot of development time.

All the benefits of Qt and more

Automation projects can be handled quite differently. Qt for Automation extends Qt’s comprehensive portfolio of Application Development and Device Creation tools.

Save money by choosing the best hardware

The size of your smart device will set requirements for your software. Our offering can adjust from low and high-end devices up to desktops and servers and meet the needed requirements, such as “low-memory” (few MBs), low power usage (heat) or acceleration with/without graphics

Improve your HMI solution

With Qt Quick Designer and Qt Quick Creator it is easy to develop touch optimized controls, that are customizable. Deployment and updates can take place remotely to target devices.  You can create scalable software to any size of device, across platforms and maintain them with dynamic updates.

Enable your customer business

There is an increasing need for interoperability for smart devices. Qt's out-of-box support for machine communication and IoT protocols, such as MQTT, ModBus, KNX, OPC-UA will help you get a head start. WebGL technology helps enabling remote maintenance and service for your customer.

95% less development time?

"It was quite amazing for us to see that we were able to cut down the development time from 1000 - 1300 hrs to 50 hrs by being able to allow all developers and customers to work on the same IDE"
- Rune Volden, R&D Manager, Ulstein Power & Control

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On every automation developer's wish list:

Qt for Automation enables IoT edge devices to become performant and powerful to reduce operating costs and improve process efficiency through software developed using modular, scalable, secure Qt libraries and Qt development tools.

Modern UI Design

Qt offers you a multitude of options for creating your UI. From intuitive touch-optimized controls to stunning 3D effects

More on Qt UI design

Machine to Machine communications

The newest supported communication protocols are MQTT and KNX, enriching the variety of possible features for your smart devices.

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Use your favorite cloud

Qt has the elements allowing you to use various cloud services. Make cloud as an integrated part of your solution.

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