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Qt for Automation

From simple gateways to advanced robotics, Qt delivers seamless user experiences for the automation industry.  

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Qt for Automation is a collection of modular, scalable, secure software libraries and development tools that makes software development a cost and time efficient process.    

Complete software framework to realize your digital transformation

As a technology owner, you probably need to develop the next generation platform to cater to user expectations and market demands. But you also need to maintain your legacy products — and of course reduce costs. If you are manufacturing smart devices, developing software for such devices can become cost intensive. And questions about protocol support, interoperability, performance, intuitive user-interfaces and security can cause major headaches. Qt has everything you need to create software for home & building, service and industrial automation.

Maximize Resource Efficiency

Reduce your system footprint & power consumption and create software for high performance hand-held devices, with our without graphics acceleration, or desktop/server software collecting data from all your sensors. And anything in between.

Modern Intuitive HMIs

Drag-and-drop ready-made optimized UI controls for your touch based screens or customize them to leverage your brand. Qt is cross platform so you can use the same code base and deploy your software remotely to all major operating systems and supports a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware. Qt is scalable and works on any device, regardless of size and data traffic.

Support for interoperability

Out-of-the-box support for machine to machine (M2M) communication and IoT protocols such as MQTT, KNX, ModBus and OPC-UA

Success Stories

Learn how Qt has enabled some of the prominent players in automation industry to reach new heights of innovation.

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Resources and references

High-level APIs

  • Ready-made libraries, APIs and tools
  • Native performance through C++
  • Easy hardware and sensor access

Rich UI Offering

  • Seamless developer-designer workflow for embedded
  • Rapid UI prototyping
  • Maximum uptime with safe rendering

Shorter Time-to-Market

  • Full embedded tooling and workflow
  • Pre-built embedded solutions to cut time-to-market


  • From gateways to high end robotics
  • Easy integration to backend/cloud systems
  • Code once, deploy everywhere


Building the Internet Of Things and How Qt Can Help

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