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Automation with Qt

From simple gateways to advanced robotics, Qt delivers seamless user experiences for any industry. 

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For industrial, service and building automation, Qt is a software development framework that provides a platform agnostic, easy-to-use solution.    

Transforming Industrial Landscapes

According to Gartner, 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2017 (up 31 percent from 2016) reaching 20.4 billion by 2020. Learn how Qt can help deliver your automation needs, quickly and efficiently.

Maximize Resource Efficiency

Customers use Qt for its ready-made libraries, APIs and tools to make development more efficient. Tap into a community of 1 million users, benefit from best practices and increase the speed of development.

Moving from Hardware to Software

Extensive APIs for P2P and cloud connectivity, as well as RTOS support at your fingertips, Qt makes it easy for you to create software that is real-time and offers superior connectivity. Qt is the leading solution across 70 industries.

Multiple Hardware Types

With Qt, you only need to write your code once to deploy everywhere. Across various platforms, Qt speaks the languages you are already using. For a better developer experience, make your project a success with Qt.

Success Stories

Learn how Qt has enabled some of the prominent players in automation industry to reach new heights of innovation.

Learn more about Qt for Automation

Resources and references

High-level APIs

  • Ready-made libraries, APIs and tools
  • Native performance through C++
  • Easy hardware and sensor access

Rich UI Offering

  • Seamless developer-designer workflow for embedded
  • Rapid UI prototyping
  • Maximum uptime with safe rendering

Shorter Time-to-Market

  • Full embedded tooling and workflow
  • Pre-built embedded solutions to cut time-to-market


  • From gateways to high end robotics
  • Easy integration to backend/cloud systems
  • Code once, deploy everywhere


Building the Internet Of Things and How Qt Can Help

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Qt in Automation

The Way Forward

Software has become the differentiator and business driver across many industries