Set Yourself up for Success - Lessons Learned from Building 100+ Devices with C++/Qt/QML

These days everything depends on software, and that software is growing more and more complex. It’s no stretch for a modern passenger car or lifesaving medical device to include more than 100 million lines of code. Even something as simple as a smart coffee brewer represents a complex interaction between user, touchscreen and cloud service. In other words, modern devices are complicated — and building them is tricky. After delivering hundreds of these, ICS has developed a process for building devices with C++/Qt/QML. Projects succeed or fail based upon the software architecture and the team's ability to foresee and adapt.

In this talk, we’ll discuss approaches that work best, including team building and organization, development process, as well as where agile can go wrong. We’ll also cover: How to streamline product development, plus identify, manage and reduce risk, how to focus on your unique product while not ignoring the basics, the value of an early prototype and using a UX-driven agile process to create it.

Speaker: Peter Winston, CEO & Founder, Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS)

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