Roadmap to the Future of Qt {On-demand webinar}

What lies ahead and how are we building the cross-platform tool of the future for you? How are the key features evolving and what will be the new additions? Qt is a cross-platform framework that scales from Desktop and Mobile Applications to Embedded Devices with MPUs and MCUs. Qt also has numerous tools that help everyone in the software creation process from designers and technical artists to front- and back-end developers and testing engineers. This enables any user of Qt to accelerate their time to market and iterate their user interfaces. While mostly known for its graphical user interface and HMI capabilities, Qt goes the extra mile to provide even more on the middleware side. Hence, users can create a full middleware stack with Qt’s consistent and complete APIs. In this webinar, Maurice Kalinowski, Product Director, will take a 360° view on what defines Qt and how it helps its users. We will cover the development of key elements and initiatives in all platforms, Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded, from a framework’s as well as tooling perspective. Be especially aware to learn all the additional features and new modules that will be added to the product family, including the long-desired Web Assembly.