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Building the Internet of Things

Building the Internet of Things and How Qt Can Help. The term, Internet of Things (or IoT), is everywhere. For people wanting to impress others, it’s the latest buzzword to include in a conversation in order to be seen as relevant. For many developers, the term is just a more fashionable description of the connected embedded system, however IoT adds additional promises to how these devices need to operate. This whitepaper defines what the requirements are for developing IoT software, compares frameworks and describes the advantages of using Qt to develop your IoT solutions.

Learn about IoT:

  • Software Requirements
  • Embedded Development
  • Specific Challenges
  • Big Data
  • Consumer Experience


Driving the User Interface

Motor show concept cars have traditionally attracted attention through outrageous body styling, but today’s advanced demonstrators place at least as much emphasis on high-tech gadgetry inside. Recent appearances by leading car brands have impressed audiences with large touch screens that centralise access to everything from cellphone contacts, multimedia content and social media to navigation, parking assistance and graphical vehicle diagnostics.

Many of the latest mid-range cars have now been launched with a graphical centre-console for navigation, communication and diagnostics, while high-end brands are beginning to offer connected-car applications delivering Internet access and value-added services to their customers. Demands for such innovations are coming from several directions, as car buyers expect improved user experiences, legislators mandate systems aimed at improving road safety, and car makers seek to connect more closely with customers through electronic value-added

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Beyond the Code

Beyond the Code – How Designers and Programmers can Work Together to Deliver Successful GUIs for Embedded Systems. This whitepaper will explore the requirements of user interface design for embedded systems and provide hints, tips and suggestions for anyone tasked with developing advanced GUIs and explain how building bridges between designers and programmers is the key to successful implementation.

Some topics to be covered in the whitepaper:

  • Usability – Functional versus optimal user experience
  • Coding is not designing – pre-coding considerations
  • Selecting design environment and tools
  • An example C++ framework (Qt)
  • User requirements
  • Task analysis
  • Best practice design principles

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