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Join a community of educators, students, and industry leaders, that together create a powerful network of talent that drives innovation and growth in the Qt ecosystem.

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We believe that, by working together with universities and educators, we can create meaningful learning experiences and connections for students pursuing successful careers in software development. Here's what joining our network could mean for your organization:

  • Create learning materials together to add to your curriculum
  • Use Qt Educational Licensing for free
  • Organize coding competitions and other events.
  • Leverage industry professionals and companies who develop or test with Qt - to the students' benefit
  • Increase visibility for your courses, projects, and university programs.

Get in touch with us to collaborate. We are always open to exploring various opportunities and partnerships with you at both course and university levels.

We believe that, by bringing together future Qt professionals (that’s you!), universities, and industry leaders, we can create meaningful learning experiences and connections for students pursuing successful careers in software development.

You can become part of our network as an individual by getting a free Qt Educational License, taking free courses online at Qt Academy, or through a future or existing university connection among other things:

  • Join the global Qt community and build your network through local Qt Meetups and online events.
  • Participate in our coding competitions and show the world what you can do!
  • Explore internship and job opportunities.
  • Create a virtual or offline study group with like-minded individuals.

By participating you'll gain access to exclusive resources, training programs, and career opportunities that will help you achieve your professional goals.

Joining Qt's University and Talent Network as an industry leader means broader visibility within the ecosystem, direct access to a pool of developers, and dynamic collaboration opportunities.

  • Be recognized as a premier employer for Qt experts, setting your company apart in the competitive tech landscape.
  • Advertise your open positions and internships on our website, where developers and future talents are looking for their next role.
  • Explore a variety of initiatives designed to enhance your organization’s strategic presence and foster meaningful connections within the Qt community.

In the project, the students recognized Qt’s capabilities as a software development framework, especially with embedded systems. Qt framework provided a useful and easy environment for learning purposes.

Tuomo Ryynänen, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

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