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Simplify your processes, reduce costs and time-to-market, reinforce your brand with end-to-end tooling for automotive HMI design, development, testing, and deployment that build upon the same codebase. 

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Optimized Productivity in HMI Design

Streamline your workflow and increase your productivity by letting your UI/UX designers, technical artists, developers, and test engineers teams speak the same language.

With a range of products encompassing the whole lifecycle of HMI production, Qt technology and tools increase synergies across teams, simplify processes, and reduce the effort of delivering future-proof automotive software.

A Single Codebase for Every Model

Break down silos and increase your team’s productivity.

By letting you maintain your entire codebase in a single repository shared among all teams, Qt technology ensures one source of truth, minimizes dependency issues, and simplifies large-scale refactoring.

Efficient Designer-Developer Workflow

Unleash the power of a UI creation tool where the UI's visual experience is built side by side with its code.

Qt Design Studio enables an integrated working methodology for your UI/UX designers and developers that drastically reduces complexity and efforts, with huge benefits on time to market and cost.

Streamlining Operations

Reduce BOM, time-to-market, maintenance effort with tools for each production stage that speak the same language.

The adoption of a unified HMI framework whose tools encompass the end-to-end product lifecycle empowers emancipation from third-party suppliers, with major benefits in terms of productivity, efficiency, brand identity, and quality.

Meeting the Highest Quality Standards

Ensure the quality, safety, and reliability of your HMI software.

Qt Quality Assurance offer lets you test your software quality beyond the user interface to assure its overall compliance with coding guidelines. Qt Safe Renderer helps you meet the road vehicle’s functional safety requirements for your instrument cluster.

Real-time Usage Intelligence

Leverage real-time usage data to understand user behavior.

Qt Insight lets you constantly improve your software and services by tracking user activity and application flow to learn what functionality is valued and which is not.

Qt Automotive HMI Framework

Leverage over 15 years of mass-production history with the major automotive industry players and millions of automotive HMIs in the market—and more to come.

Far beyond simple UI development, the Qt framework lets you define the entire platform’s middleware, empowering broad support to automotive functionality, third-party services, and advanced graphics—while delivering a native user experience on any target.

Flexible Framework

Leverage a wide set of HMI libraries that can be easily extended and customized with C++ code across the whole software stack.

With its easily readable, declarative syntax, QML offers ample creative resources to efficiently build outstanding HMIs whose behavior can be customized with the greatest flexibility by means of C++ code.

Platform-independent Code

Leverage the efficiency of an HMI creation workflow decoupled from hardware constraints.

Qt cross-platform core lets you implement your dashboard on PC empowering major time savings, consistent visuals across displays and devices, and independence from hardware suppliers.

Future-proof Technology

Secure your market presence throughout your vehicle program lifecycle.

Qt platform-independent code saves your HMI from the risk of hardware and OS obsolescence. Being maintained for years, Qt long-term releases secure your product’s market permanence over time.

Multi-product Portfolios

Create your code once and port it to different platforms as is or via simple differentiation of the look-and-feel.

Qt software design paradigm decouples the UI appearance from its underlying logic, paving the way for the creation of highly optimized UI components that can be shared across product lines and easily customized based on each model’s demands.

Ready-made HMI Components

Build at scale with high-quality standardized HMI components that can be easily customized for different devices and models.

Qt HMI solutions include ready-made components—such as menus, widgets, animations, visual effects, and more—that will bring your dashboard to life with rich automotive-specific functionality and state-of-the-art graphics.

Empowering the Software-Defined Vehicle

Maximize the value of your automotive software by owning and controlling its entire lifecycle from inception to completion.

By providing ready-made support for the whole automotive software stack and the backbone of the entire car ecosystem, Qt technology empowers the foundation of a true software-first revolution in the automotive industry.

A Full-scale Platform Policy

Reduce overall time to market by leveraging efficiencies across development and maintenance.

Qt offers a unified HMI development process under a single UI framework enabling control over the key aspects of the connected car infrastructure such as the In-Vehicle Framework, Infotainment Framework, and Connectivity Framework.

Boosting Real-time Graphics

Leverage the full power of 2D and 3D graphics to increase informativity and functionality. 

Qt Quick graphics capabilities let you represent complex life-like situations by means of 3D graphics, that can be seamlessly interacted with by means of intuitive 2D controls. Additionally, the Qt framework lets you embed OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, Direct3D, and Metal graphics on any car display.

Consistent Look-and-feel

Deliver a coherent signature UI across each screen in the car.

Qt cross-platform code lets you reuse visual assets and UI elements across different devices, both in-car—instrument cluster, IVI, HUD, etc.—and portable—phones, wearable, PC, etc.—ensuring that your uniquely branded user experience is consistently displayed.

The Connected Vehicle

Enjoy the freedom to connect your car to your everyday life.

By enabling remote control via smartphone and companion apps, Qt connectivity tools bring your car to your fingertips. Qt-supported connectivity protocols integrate your vehicle infotainment system with your home and IoT devices.

Rev Up Reality With Qt Best-in-Class Real-Time Rendering Capabilities

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More About Qt Digital Dashboards


Qt for Android Automotive

Build your brand's own signature UI on Android Automotive by leveraging AAOS ready-made functionalities while retaining full control over the HMI's visuals across all car screens.

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Functional Safety

Qt Safe Renderer ensures prompt and correct display of safety-critical information under any circumstances—including system failure.

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Outrun HMI

The Outrun HMI showcases the opportunities Qt offers for building a multi-screen digital cockpit.

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Customer Stories Written with Qt

Mercedes Benz

Built with Qt

The car manufacturer has upgraded to Qt 6 and is leveraging the Qt framework, design, development, and quality assurance tools to support building its highly-anticipated operating system - MB.OS - in all its cars and displays. Qt’s support will enable cross-platform development and shorten time-to-market.


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General Motors

Built with Qt

GM’s software-defined vehicle strategy includes the launch of the Ultifi software platform in 2023, allowing for frequent over-the-air software updates and additional benefits. Qt’s expected contribution to future generations of Ultifi will help GM to do this at scale with flexibility and efficiency for different brands and products.


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Built with Qt

Qt provides the ability to implement sophisticated technological improvements, including real-time 3D effects, into HMI to meet the ever-evolving demands of the automotive industry and brand differentiation. 

“The design department works with Qt for the development of our in-vehicle HMI systems. Qt allows us to prototype, test, iterate, and deliver our HMIs very quickly thanks to cross-platforms support and advanced user interface.”

Laurent Nicolas

Senior UX Expert, Stellantis

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Hyundai Motor Company

Built with Qt

HMC has selected Qt as its key HMI technology partner for all Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis brand vehicles.

“We are expecting to see considerable efficiencies across development and maintenance by using the Qt Framework.”

Haeyoung Kwon

Vice President of Infotainment Development, HMC

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Built with Qt


The convergence between brand style and graphics is a fundamental element for the success of such a prestigious motorcycle, leaving no margin for compromises.


“The market requires modern, rich, and sophisticated graphics, with dynamic visuals that adapt to world events. We needed to achieve smartphone-like performance, but without the corresponding gigahertz clock capabilities.”


Claudio Mariani

Instrument Cluster & Connectivity Supervisor at Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.


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Built with Qt

From 0-400 Km/h in a flash. Qt Accelerates Koenigsegg's Supercar Development.

“I see a strong value in a professionally maintained framework.”

Mats Näslund

Embedded Project Manager, Koenigsegg

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Built with Qt

Premium vehicles deserve premium HMIs and that is exactly why Rimac Automobili choose to use Qt and Toradex as their software and hardware platform.

“We have used other development platforms in the past, but we realized quickly that they had limitations.”

Goran Hacek

IVI Development Coordinator, Rimac Automobili

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Built with Qt

Bound to disrupt the motorcycle realm with game-changing innovation.

"Our digital cluster combines advanced maps, navigation, and real-time road information systems. With Qt, we were able to build a UI that is way ahead of the competition!"

Gideon Schipaanboord

Head of Marketing, RGNT Motorcycles

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With a solid presence in the consumer electronics, industrial automation, and medical industries, UI applications built with Qt meet the highest standards of quality, security, and reliability—and are built to last on the market for decades.


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