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Advanced Automation Systems with Qt

High-Tech Core Equipment for Automation Systems

The TOP Series from M2I is deployed as high-tech core equipment for automation systems. Its powerful performance, customizable design, and exceptional user experience help facilitate the production process for many industry areas, including chemicals, steel, food, textiles, energy, semiconductors, automobile, and shipbuilding.

TOP consists of two applications, one for desktop and one for embedded devices. It runs both the device that automates and controls the machine as well as the design tool needed to create its interface. This means, for example, that if the TOP touch-based screen on the machine needs an additional command button, the end user can easily add one through the TOP design tool on his desktop. The design possibilities for the user are unlimited thanks to various image libraries, templates, dynamic animations, multiple fonts for numeric display, and multi-language options.

M2I’s TOP Series offers a fast, reliable and secure transmission of the design data from the desktop to the embedded device which controls the automation of the machine. This is made possible by the fast online connection and the diagnostics communication between the two applications: the powerful simulator running and debugging on PC and the automatic functions between the main and the secondary screens that apply, arrange, resize, and adjust the edits implemented.
A critical factor in the development of the TOP Series was the appearance of both the virtual design interface on desktop and the real one on the embedded device controlling the automation process of the machine. The two had to look identical in order to offer the user the best possible experience. Qt’s cross-platform capabilities and extensive and comprehensive GUI made this a breeze.

Once the user has completed the design on the desktop application, the designed content is exactly replicated on the device. Qt allows the designer to run the same operation with one source code between the desktop and the embedded application - no need to develop for multiple different systems. Qt Thread and Qt Container also facilitate internal data processing while Qt’s QPF library offer more GUI customization freedom through the numerous and rich fonts available.

 “I was very satisfied with Qt’s cross platform and customizable GUI support. Before using Qt, the team had to develop the application for each platform. At first, I couldn’t believe Qt could work with only one source code for several platforms but I soon changed my mind. Qt not only simplified the development process but it cut its time by half, if not more. Also, in the past we had to capture each character, font and image and convert it manually – a very time consuming effort with unsatisfying results. The use of Qt’s libraries allowed a smoother process for the design of richer and personalized interfaces, offering more flexibility for future market needs. “

Insik Kim, Team manager at M2I


M2I manufactures and exports embedded operator interface panels and human-machine-interface (HMI) Systems for industrial, information service, and building automation applications. The implementation of these solutions spans various fields, including traffic control and monitoring, warehouse automatic distribution, factory automation, supervisory control of banks, hospitals, airports and more.

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