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Monetize Your Apps, Games & Screens with Qt Digital Advertising

Qt offers an innovative digital advertising solution to help app developers, publishers and DOOH screen owners maximize ad revenue, whether apps are built with Qt or any other framework.

I am a Qt user and want to try digital ads tooling I want to try digital ads tooling

Qt delivers Digital Advertising smarter and easier


Generate a direct revenue stream

Create a new revenue stream from advertisers paying you to display their ads on your device


Improve time-to-market

Improve your time-to-market with one unified platform from UI development to ad management


Increase ROI for your investment

Hit the break-even point for your investment quicker and increase your overall ROI exponentially


Create more relevant user experiences

Show only the type of relevant ads on your screen or device your audience can connect with


Deliver more credible content

Serve contextual advertising enabling advertisers to reach a precise target audience


Build brand partnerships

Partner up with the brands you like to create a mutually beneficial co-operation

Unified Auction to Maximize Yields

Our solution utilizes GAMs Open Bidding to bring together top demand sources into one unified auction increasing revenue from every impression. You can expect higher fill rates, greater competition & maximized revenue.

Support for Mobile, DOOH & more

Monetize mobile web, in-app, CTV, DOOH and more through our omni-channel solution. We provide formats like video, rewarded, interstitial, native, audio, and interactive ads.

Programmatic DOOH

We simplify programmatic buying across physical screens and billboards.

  • Forecasting, zone pricing, site-level reporting
  • Tools to simplify DOOH ad buying
  • Integrations with leading DOOH SSPs

Powerful Analytics & Optimization

With help of real-time analytics and actionable insights we optimize ad performance and revenue. Qt AdOps team helps to test the latest market trends with ad solutions powered by Google AI to maximize yield.

Specialized Support for Mobile Gaming

Qt Digital Ads is high-grade for monetizing mobile games. We provide:

  • Lightweight, gaming-optimized ad solutions
  • Tools for app developers to maximize in-app ad revenue
  • Support for interstitial, rewarded and video ad
  • Seamless integration with top SSPs via Open bidding
  • Direct deals and PMPs

Pricing - It's a Win Win!

There is no cost for the plugin and library. We offer both Direct Ad and Programmatic services with standard advertising industry cost models.

Why Choose Qt's Digital Advertising Solution?

Proven Expertise

Leverage our years of experience in the digital advertising industry to achieve your revenue goals.

Access to Google Open Bidding

Multiple third-party exchanges compete for your ad inventory in one, real-time first price auction. Maximize demand for each ad request with bidding: minimize latency, increase transparency, avoid discrepancies, reduce operational complexity

Easy Integration

No SDK is required to start the test – connect Qt demand via Google Mobile SDK! Get access to millions of advertisers competing for your ad space in a unified auction with Open Bidding.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilizing market leading ad tech we ensure optimal performance, reliability, and scalability.

Direct Sales Opportunities

Take control of your monetization strategy and negotiate deals that align with your business objectives.

Dedicated Ad Sales Team

Qt Group will support application publishers in selling their inventory to maximize eCPM and fill rate.

Unmatched Support

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you and provide expert guidance.

Key Benefits for Publishers

Direct Monetization

Our publishers can now directly integrate Google Ad Manager into their Qt and non-Qt based mobile apps, allowing them to serve ads and generate revenue with the help of aggregated demand from plenty of ad networks and direct buyers.

Managed & Independent Inventory Setup

Our team helps manage the monetization for your inventory by integrating with Google Ad Manager. Alternatively, our publishers can set up their inventory independently.

Additional Monetization Sources

In addition to Google Ads, Qt Digital Advertising allows publishers to connect to other demand sources, providing them with more options to monetize their apps.

Access a Wide Range of Features & Benefits

  • Real-time bidding and auctions to maximize ad revenue
  • Advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences
  • Detailed reporting and analytics to track ad performance
  • Access to Google's vast network of advertisers

Atomic Puzzle by NotskiGames

Built & Monetized with Qt

Atomic Puzzle utilises Qt's Digital Advertising Platform, allowing the NotskiGames team to contain all their development and advertising efforts within one reliable platform.


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Expert Support from Qt's Ad Operations Team

Our team provides the expertise to seamlessly manage and optimize your ad campaigns. We take care of the complexities so you can focus on your apps, games and content.

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