Develop for a variety of coding languages, platforms & hardware with Qt.


Supported Platforms

Develop on Linux, Windows or Mac and deploy on a wide range of operating systems, browsers or on bare metal.

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Supported Reference Targets

It’s easy to develop for a variety of different operating systems and hardware platforms. Qt is available on a wide range of embedded target devices.

Discover what is available as ready made reference images and how to cook your own

Working with microcontrollers? Try out Qt for MCUs

Learn more about designing and developing software for embedded devices with Qt

See target devices supported for Qt for Device Creation

Supported Development Languages

Qt's C++ APIs provide features for easy cross-platform development. Design UIs with Qt QML - a declarative language with the ability to describe business logic with JavaScript. If you prefer Python or other languages we have a wide range of language bindings.

C++ documentation
Python documentation
Qt QML documentation

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Languages supported by the Qt Company


A couple of the languages backed by the community



Any platform. Any device.