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Axivion Suite:
Static Code Analysis & Architecture Verification

Through acquisition the Qt Group can now offer you industry-leading tools for static code analysis and software architecture verification. Combining Axivion Static Code Analysis and Axivion Architecture Verification will give you a holistic, in-depth analysis of your code.

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Axivion Suite – A Holistic Solution to Assure the Quality of Your Software

Combining Axivion Static Code Analysis and Axivion Architecture Verification gives you a powerful set of tools to ensure your software code meets the high standards your customers expect from you. Axivion Suite helps you to identify software erosion (also known as technical debt) or to avoid it from the outset in order to keep your software project maintainable and scalable in future.

If your are developing software in safety-oriented environments, the Axivion Tool Qualification Kit gives you the additional support to achieve the tool confidence level (TCL) you require.

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Scalable static code analysis with abstract interpretation and pointer analysis

Axivion Suite - Key Features

Whether you want all features at once or prefer to start with just some of them - you can always rely on hassle-free integration into your existing development environment.

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Axivion Static Code Analysis

Axivion Static Code Analysis checks software projects for style and coding violations. Detecting clones, dead code, division by zero and other defects in the code at an early stage reduces the time and costs involved in fixing these issues at a later stage.

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Axivion Architecture Verification

Implementing Axivion Architecture Verification ensures that the system’s structure remains clear and clean. To create the structural model of your software architecture, you can either set it up manually or import it from a UML model or from any other form of graph structure.

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Coding Guidelines

With Axivion Suite’s automatic coding guidelines checkers, risky vulnerabilities in the code are easily found during development. The integrated delta analysis enables targeted reactions to newly emerging risks in the code.

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Benefit from included rule sets for common software metrics. These includes metrics based on lines and tokens, nesting, cyclomatic complexity, control flow or golden oldies like Halstead metrics. Even whole rule sets like HIS are supported.

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Defect Analysis

The defect analysis checks the source code for potential runtime errors. It includes scalable data and control flow checks. These allow errors such as out-of-bounds access or division by zero to be detected at an early phase of the software development.

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Axivion Tool Qualification Kit

The Axivion Tool Qualification Kit is the perfect add-on to support classification and qualification of your tool chain. This comprises prefabricated test suites with execution and results evaluation processes that can be automated.

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Our Versatile Tools Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Development Environment

The Axivion Static Code Analysis and Axivion Architecture Verification seamlessly integrate into your existing development environment. The tools are highly customizable and adapt to your individual needs. Our experts will support the entire roll-out process to ensure you can enjoy the benefits right from the start.



Automated quality assurance which reduces defects, code footprint and dependency on individuals

Holistic and comprehensive analysis for increased productivity and ROI by saving time, money and resources

Fully customizable and easy to integrate into your existing development environments

Scalable tool, which adapts to changing requirements and grows with your needs

Follows industry-leading safety & security standards to ensure your code is compliant

Targeted review with detailed delta-analysis as part of the CI process e.g. before code is committed or to monitor improvements and prevent software erosion

Helps ensuring cyber security by checking code compliance with CERT, CWE and other security guidelines

On-time delivery of feature releases of your software thanks to risk mitigation

Unmatched service and support to ensure you benefit right from the start, e.g. support during roll-out

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Success Stories for Axivion Suite from Various Industries

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Assured with Axivion
“We have evaluated several static analysis tools, and Axivion Suite clearly stood out in our tests. The tool performed best in terms of AUTOSAR C++14 coverage and convinced us through its ease of use, control flow, and data flow analysis, and report generation. Axivion Suite has already become a mainstay component in our development workflow and a valuable component of our DevOps pipeline.”

Dejan Pangercic

CTO and Co-Founder of Apex.AI

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Assured with Axivion
“The Axivion Suite provides us with crucial support when implementing new features in EB street director and guaranteeing the quality of our software solutions in the long term.”

Jakob Schmidt

Software Architect at Elektrobit

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Fresenius Medical Care

Assured with Axivion
“Thanks to the Axivion Suite, we have the maintainability of our software under control, thereby safeguarding our long-term capacity for innovation.”

Thomas Stahl

Director Software Engineering at Fresenius Medical Care

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Assured with Axivion
“With the Axivion Suite, we have significantly reduced our integration effort and integra tion risk.”

Daniel Zimmermann

Head of OSS Software at HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH

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