Why Qt for Embedded Devices

Leading companies know that selecting the right development framework, tools and underlying technology for creating embedded systems software can make or break the success of a project.

Creating high performance devices with user experiences that exceed customers’ expectations while at the same time saving cost and meeting your project deadline can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

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How Qt can help you succeed

Qt has everything you need to design, develop, test, deploy and maintain your software throughout your product lifecycle. Create high performance embedded systems with 3D/2D user interfaces and deploy and test on your target hardware from day one.


Does 289% ROI, a 3 month payback, and 423K NPV sound nice for your CTO to invest in a cross-platform development framework? Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study* revealed that embedded development with Qt saves development time and resources. Discover how Forrester analyzes the massive impact a development framework can have on a composite organization.  Unlock your competitive edge. 

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Qt For Device Creation, a November 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Qt.

Discover the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Discover the new study of embedded software development cost savings through real-life use cases by a series of interviews by Forrester Consulting*.

Discover what embedded systems success looks like with Qt

Embedded systems manufacturers in more than 70 industries are building their products with Qt. Learn how companies like yours are using Qt to stay ahead of the game.

Watch Formlab success story

Formlabs 3D printers make innovative and sophisticated fabrication tools powered with Qt.

BEP Marine's success story

BEP Marine’s transitions from digital switches to a smart boat or vehicle with Qt.

Create the best user experience
and save money doing it 

Qt uses hardware resources very efficiently, so you can use less expensive hardware. Target multiple platforms with one code base and use intuitive APIs to complete your project faster - all while retaining an ideal user experience!

Ultimate performance & Scalability

Optimize your performance and utilize your hardware resources efficiently with C++, QML or HTML5. Scale up to target high end multi-screen systems, scale down to target small devices.

Modern User Experience

Speed up the creation of beautiful 3D/2D AR/VR or touch based UIs that scale to a variety of screen sizes. Ready-made UI libraries with drag and drop design functionality.

Shorter Time-To-Market

Reduce development cost & time with intuitive APIs, ready-made software stacks & solutions with full support for a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware and operating systems.

Everyone builds with Qt

From automotive to medical, in-flight entertainment to laser technology, smart devices and smarter applications, Qt is changing the way the world sees screens.

See what’s possible with Qt

Complete framework with productivity enhancing libraries & APIs and tools

Qt is much more than a UI library – it’s a complete framework with libraries & APIs and comes with an integrated development environment (IDE) and a wide set of tools. It has everything you need to write software for embedded devices.

Libraries & APIs

Extensive libraries and intuitive APIs making development faster.

Technical details


Tools for everything you need to design, develop, test and maintain your software.

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Qt comes with a complete integrated development environment including tools.

Technical details

Boot to Qt

Get your environment up and running in no time with our ready-made software stack.

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OS and hardware support

Support for a wide range of operating systems and hardware

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Code and compile on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC and cross-compile to any operating system and hardware board.

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On-device debugging

You can connect your devices to the PC to run, debug, and analyze applications built for them from Qt Creator.

Technical details

Virtual keyboard

Ready-to-use keyboard in 19 languages for touch screens

Technical details

Functional Safety 

TÜV NORD certifies that you can use Qt to build functionally safe embedded systems.

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