Meet Qt 5.13

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New in Qt 5.13 and Tools Update

Get ready for a round of great new features and development tools! Highlights include

  • Improvements to Qt Quick, Qt Quick Controls 2, Qt 3D, Qt WebEngine, and more
  • Full support for Qt for WebAssembly and Qt KNX 
  • Sketch support for Qt Design Studio and other upgrades to our UI design tools

Meet Qt 5.13 Webinar


Tune in live to hear what's new in Qt 5.13 and the Qt development tools. None other than CTO Lars Knoll and SVP of R&D Tuukka Turunen will give you a guided tour to how Qt continues to transform designer-developer workflow with the Qt UI Design Tools, what's new in Qt Creator IDE, what improvements you can expect in Qt Quick, Qt Quick Controls 2, Qt 3D, Qt WebEngine, and more.


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What Else Is New?

We wanted Qt 5.13 to be a real treat for all of you, which is why we focused on fulfilling your popular requests and improved some of Qt's tried and tested features (as well as adding a couple of new ones). 

Watch Qt for WebAssembly in action

Qt for WebAssembly: Now Fully Supported

Run native Qt applications in the browser with no installation.

  • Better performance through native execution
  • Zero installation on desktop and mobile platforms
  • Security through sandboxing
  • Almost no additional testing effort, with one reliable and performant tool chain (design & coding) for all scenarios
Read Qt creator 4.9.0 release post
Watch Qt Bridge Sketch Export Plugin

Qt Design Studio 1.2

The latest edition of the Qt UI design and development tool now lets you seamlessly import your designs from Sketch (in addition to Photoshop) and turn them into code! In addition, Also included in Qt Design Studio 1.2:

Read Qt Design Studio 1.2 release post

Qt Creator 4.9 IDE

Check out a feature overview of Qt Creator 4.9 including:

  • C++ Support: Improved UI for diagnostics from the Clang analyzer tools
  • QML parser updated to Qt 5.12, adding support for ECMAScript 7
  • New performance profiling plugin for software running on Linux - Perf
  • and more! 
Read Qt creator 4.9.0 release post

New Version of Qt Safe Renderer

TÜV NORD certifies that you can use Qt to build functionally safe embedded systems. The QSR 1.1 is certified based on the new edition of ISO 26262:2018 series of standards. It includes:

  • Qt Safe Renderer Code
  • Designer and Build Tooling
  • The Safety Manual
  • The Certification Artifacts
  • Global Qt Technical Support
Learn more
Watch QtLottie animations running inside a QtQuick application.

Qt Lottie Animation Tech Preview

Engineers and UI designers can now easily embed Adobe After Effect animations directly into Qt Quick applications without the need to rebuild the animation using code later on.

We are constantly publishing new components, so please test them and send us your  feedback and suggestions!

Blog Post: Announcing QtLottie

Find out more

Qt ❤️ IoT

Qt 5.13 also has a lot of exciting news for you IoT-aficionados out there. Read more about them below and follow the links!

If you're looking for an overview of how Qt accelerates and improves the automation industry in our free webinar "Looking to the future in Automation"

Watch Demo


The client side of a client - KNXnet/IP server connection. This connection can be used to send messages to the KNX bus and to control the functionalities of the KNX devices.

  • Added secure client API

Resources: Webinars  

Building Automation 4.0 with KNX and Qt  

Merging IoT with Qt KNX and Qt MQTT

Watch Demo


Next generation of Industry 4.0 applications with Qt based on Client / Server architecture​​.
  • C++ API now fully supported
  • Added QML API (tech preview)
  • Added secure client C++ API (tech preview)
  • UaCpp and Open62542 backend are now feature-equal


Resource: Webinar

Secure connections with Qt OPC UA

Watch Tech Talk

Qt CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) – Tech Preview

Client-side implementation of the M2M protocol. Ideal for use in constrained networks and nodes.

  • Security based on Datagram TLS over UDP​ 
  • Group communication defined by RFC 7390​
  • Blockwise transfers defined by RFC 7959​
  • Resource observation defined by RFC 7641​
  • Resource discovery (multicast/single server)

Resource: Blog Post

Introducing QtCoAP

Port Qt to Something New

Working with a configuration that is way different than what we officially support? Tell us more, we also love tinkering around and have helped many Qt fans get up to speed.

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