Smasher: Invasion
by Forfiction Mobile

Built and monetized with Qt

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Saving the world, one Gooble at a time

Forfiction Mobile has been creating stunning gaming experiences for mobile game users for over 15 years with the help of Qt’s open-source framework. What started off as a passion project and hobby has turned into a more serious venture, requiring them to utilize digital advertising in order to financially support their ongoing efforts.  

Smasher: Invasion, their flagship adventure game, was built with the help and support of the QT open-source community, and Qt’s Digital Advertising specialists. The journey to completion was not without its challenges, but through trial and error, and ending up with the right advertising solution, this is a customer case turned success story. 

"The people behind Qt – it is fantastic what support you provide, guys! You are open for discussion, ready to help and find solutions."

Zoltan Lutor, Software Developer, Forfiction Mobile

Learning through trial and error

Given the games’ mobile nature, branching into digital advertising was a no-brainer, but it did require the team to do some digging into how to best utilize in-game advertising – whilst not jeopardizing the user experience. The team trialled AdWrapper, Inneractive, and Google’s offering, AdMob (Android), as potential in-game advertising options. 

Whilst these providers all had their benefits, none of them were quite the right fit: one solution was only available on Android, which naturally limited the possible user base from the get-go, another took too long to update key elements, and the third didn’t offer sufficient developer support. 

"The Qt Ad Platform offers great support and a seamless cross-platform experience. Now our apps can run ads on all platforms we target."

Zoltan Lutor, Software Developer, Forfiction Mobile

Level Up!

Forfiction Mobile decided to give Qt’s Digital Advertising Platform a try. Thanks to Qt's cross-platform capabilities, the Gooble Invasion app was ready for action on multiple platforms and operating systems from the very start. The solution enabled the opportunity for uniform, cross-platform advertising, helping the team take their projects further through the additional boost of running ads. 

During the implementation of the digital advertising plaform, Forfiction received extensive support from the Qt specialist team: live coding sessions, implementation patterns, and even the creation of an empty app to test ads on. It worked like a charm, with the new Qt integration only taking a few hours to complete instead of dragging on and being too complex to use. Simultaneous monetization on several different platforms is not a problem, either: Forfiction is looking to release their game on Linux too, which is more than a-ok for Qt's Advertising Platform. 

Client's main challenges

  • Proprietary ad solutions not compatible with all operating systems 
  • Updates and framework maintenance taking too long 
  • Lack of high-quality development support 

The Qt Difference

  • Native, multi-platform friendly ad solution, fully integrated in one framework 
  • Plenty of support from the open-source community 
  • Being able to utilize the expertise of the Qt Digital Advertising team 

About Forfiction Mobile 

Forfiction Mobile is made up of three indie app developers from Hungary who love creating mobile games as a hobby. 

They started developing games for Nokia platforms back in 2012 and have attracted millions of downloads since. Check out Smasher: Invasion, but at your own peril – it is addictive!  


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