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Programming should be fast, easy and fun. That’s why we have been focusing on improving software development for the last 25 years, and with the amount of applications and devices growing every day, efficiency has become more important than ever.

Qt has everything you need to quickly and cost-effectively design, develop, test, deploy and maintain your software for any project. Focus on creating the best user experiences instead of coding what’s already been coded for you.


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Complete software development framework – Qt

Easily create connected devices, UIs and applications with native C++ performance. It’s powerful, yet compact, has intuitive tools and libraries and will blow your mind!

Code less, create more, deploy everywhere

Write your source code once, build and watch it run on any operating system and hardware. It’s truly cross-platform.

Supported Platforms

Design for tomorrow, deliver today

Embrace the complete freedom to design tomorrow’s UIs. Use drag-and-drop tools, declarative QML or imperative C++ - the choice is yours.

UI approaches

For developers, by developers

Qt takes the hassle out of programming and ‘it just feels right’. It’s intuitive, has all the tools you need, comprehensive documentation and full support from Qt community.

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What do you get with Qt?

A complete cross-platform software framework with ready-made UI elements, C++ libraries, and a complete integrated development environment with tools for everything you need to develop software for any project. Sounds good?

Tools and IDE

Qt Creator comes with a wide range of integrated tools for both developers and designers. You can design your UI, write your code and much more in one cross-platform IDE. Feel like prototyping? Just press play.  

Technical details

Libraries & APIs

Develop faster and smarter with Qt’s Intuitive and comprehensive libraries and APIs. Never worry about dependencies: We are updating and future-proofing constantly! 

Technical details

1M+ developer community

Qt has an active community which supports you with whatever challenge you may have. You will never feel alone. 

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Wield the power of C++

When you need that extra horsepower, C++ gives you uncompromised performance, exception handling, function overloading and direct access to hardware. Handle anything from from GUI applications to 3D graphics for games to real-time mathematical simulations. C++ is highly portable, which makes it the language of choice for multi-device, multi-platform app development.

Oh, and with Qt, C++ is made easy.

Qt size fits all

Go big with powerful high-end 3D-graphics for VR-/AR-software and more, or reduce to the max with efficient 2D-graphics for long battery life and low-end hardware for embedded devices.

Qt is chock-full with helpful tools and easy-to-use APIs, that make your applications start up faster or optimize their footprint for your embedded devices. 

Use Qt 3D or the upcoming Qt 3D studio to  render and interact with 3D scenes using either C++ or QML APIs and to create beautiful user interfaces for a variety of domains including automotive IVI, medical, gaming and more.

Tableau and Qt is changing the way people view big data

"When we can write once and run everywhere we were able to cut down our maintenance costs to below of what we had for one platform in the past. We purchased an enterprise contract because Qt gives us the expressiveness and the speed of a native UI framework with nice support network behind us. Qt will further our mission of providing the best UX for our customers."
- Adam Christian, Senior Software Engineer, Tableau

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Superior user experiences with patient safety as focus

"We chose Qt because it is simply the best C++ toolkit with excellent UI capabilities available – nothing can really compete with Qt for multi-OS applications."
- Tim Verstraete, Senior Medical Systems R&D Engineer, Medec

Medec's story

Tech strategy with a reliable, long-term partnership

"LG is using Qt for all kinds of different products. We use it on the UI level, in control software and many other areas. Qt is an integral part of LG and we hope to continue that relationship."
- Anupam Kaul, LG Senior Manager

LG's story

Qt product offerings

Whether you are developing a digital automotive dashboard, an automation system, embedded devices or application software, we have a solution for you. Qt is availble under commercial and open source licenses. Choose what is right for you!

Qt for Application Development

Because you can reach any platform and operating system with one technology and one codebase, you minimize your time-to-market and maintenance cost. Good deal!

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Qt for Device Creation

Specialized embedding tools and solutions boost your development on embedded devices and IoT systems with amazing UIs and full native performance.

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