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Qt Provides Cross-Platform Advantage for Xycron Ltd, Korea

Benefits of Qt

As a result of using Qt technology, Xycron has managed to save on development time. Finally, there have also been changes to working processes and guidelines, as the team has also been able to simplify these since they started using Qt. “Overall, Qt’s technology is very good to us. We were able to save development time. And, we will continue to develop our product by using Qt. We want to introduce Qt to other developers in Korea and Japan,” Eunki concludes.




“A critical factor in selecting Qt came with the cross-platform capability – this was the number one reason why we chose Qt. We had to develop a CAM Solution in Windows and Linux.” Eunki explains that the team of nine developers at the company have been using Qt technology. “Currently we have been developing a solution for some 2.5 years using Qt. Prior to that, we spent some 6 months studying and testing modules as well as different functionalities with Qt. We have also used Qt’s tools for translation and localization, e.g. from English to Japanese using Linguist.”


Cross-Platform Capabilities

Eunki Hong, Principal Research Engineer at Xycron, explains that they first heard about Qt from a customer, when they were looking for a cross-platform IDE during the development of a new product. Over the past years, Qt embedded technology has become an integral part of development work at Xycron.
Xycron only develops products for desktop PC application. When faced with the challenge to develop a multi-OS solution the team was unsure how they could support cross platform solutions. “We were able to solve this by using Qt, furthermore certain functions need high performance in our product so we also began using multi-threading (Qt Concurrent) for this purpose. CAM solutions require easy and powerful GUI development (Form Layout, Resizable Dialog) as our team develops many dialogs and UIs. We have also found Qt Widgets to be a very valuable tool, saving development and management time for GUI development.” Eunki continues, “We have many data models such as lists and tables, which can be done with the MVC (model-view-controller) making it easy to create, display, and manage models. The Signal & Slot method makes it easy to communicate between widgets, we have many widgets that need to communicate each other, so this also saves development time.”


Xycron Ltd.

Xycron Ltd. provides computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solutions for both Windows and Linux operating systems to PCB manufacturers and is the only CAM developer located in Korea. In addition to general CAM functions, Xycron provides localized and customized support to its customers supporting their manufacturing processes. Xycron works closely with their customers, and Qt is an essential part of delivering quality services and strong products.

Just like Xycron, Qt can help you expedite your time to market.

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