Qt Kinetic hits Plasma

I am actually in Porto (Portugal) for the Tokamak version 2.0. Tokamak is a developer meeting for the Plasma KDE project. I arrived Friday and the first day was talks, people explaining on what they are working on for KDE 4.3. There will have some awesome features that make Plasma the best desktop ever. From my side i gave a talk about Qt Kinetic to introduce them the project. The first feedback i had was that this project is warmly welcome, and miss to plasma developers (and i guess to others). I introduced the Qt State machine framework, the Qt Animation API and talked about improvements in QGraphicsView. I had nice feedback from people and they were pretty happy about the API. I wrote all their remarks on a paper to work on them with other trolls. I have already implemented some of them inside my local copy of Qt Kinetic :D. The team is now waiting a Qt Solution in order to "kineticize" Plasma.

I have cooked a small demo showing Plasma running Qt Kinetic :

Ogg Video

You can see an animation on the opacity during switching pictures and an another to display one day meta data behind the picture.
Here is the code for the opacity animation :

QPropertyAnimation *opacityAnimation = new QPropertyAnimation(this,"opacity");

By the way Qt 4.5 RC is now in qt-copy and KDE trunk use it. After talking with all people here the switch is apparently nice. I have asked to all people to give a mark from 1 to 10 (ten is best) based to their user/developer experience. The average is 8 which is nice. According to Aaron Seigo the switch in Plasma was "pretty smooth" and Leo Franchi from Amarok said "it seems faster with raster graphic system". Marco Martin added "QGraphicsLayouts start to work". There are still some small problems with SVGs rendering in Plasma but i will sit down with Marco to fix them. It is encouraging for the final release and we will have now KDE folks reporting bugs they still have with 4.5 to make this release the best as we can.

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