Why KDE 4.2 should use Qt 4.5

Sebastian Kügler blogged yesterday about why distributions shouldn't jump on upgrading to Qt 4.5 while shipping KDE 4.2. This caused quite a stir in the community as well as inside Qt Software. Sebas then replied to Cyrille's blog explaining a bit more (if the link doesn't work, scroll down; blogspot comment links don't do anything for me).

Sebas is right: Plasma developers did not test KDE 4.2.0 with Qt 4.5. So there may be issues that they have not seen or corrected. That's entirely true and no one can blame the Plasma developers. After all, resources are limited and prioritising the work was necessary. Therefore, distributions should be careful when upgrading Qt, because they may introduce problems. But, then again, isn't that the job of distributions? To make sure their package set works without issues? And in case patches are needed, they can backport fixes from upcoming releases or introduce a temporary hack.

However, Sebas is right only up to a point. We at Qt Software have done testing of Plasma with Qt 4.5. In fact, we know it works better with 4.5 than with 4.4.3, though some of the qt-copy patches help somewhat. Has anyone noticed that the system tray finally works in 4.5? But, more importantly, other parts of KDE (other than Plasma) benefit greatly from Qt 4.5.

Just to give you an example: I still build my KDE trunk with Qt 4.4, then run with 4.5 on my main development workstation, but with the standard 4.4 (pristine, unpatched) in my laptop. After logging in to KDE, I usually get Kontact crashing within 5 minutes of using: when I click on a folder, it crashes with a dangling pointer dereferencing. Then I remember I have to restart it with QT_NO_SHARED_PAINTER=1. But this crash never happens on my workstation: standard 4.5, pristine, unpatched.

What's more:

  • We did lots of testing and fixing of KDE 4.2 for Qt 4.5, but not with Qt 4.4
  • We did a lot of fixing and stabilisation in 4.5 itself and most of these changes did not make into 4.4
  • Performance improvements in 4.5 are noticeable, especially in the painting code and itemviews

I can hear the arguments saying that those fixes should have bene done in the 4.4 line and that we should have prioritised that over the feature release. I know those arguments because the discussion happens in Qt Software too: it's only natural to have it. But the same way that Plasma developers were faced with a finite amount of resources, so were we: we had to prioritise work. Qt 4.5 is the future and we needed to stabilise it, so we did focus most of work there. (We did not forget 4.4, you can find several fixes in the Qt 4.4.4 snapshots)

And I don't have to say that we can't fix further issues unless they are reported to us. If people don't use 4.5, those issues will not be found (read: our QA people can't find every single issue). With the 4.4 release, we had a very good feedback from the KDE community: KDE 4.1 started using 4.4 very early, I think even before the beta (Feb 2008). That means we had a lot to work with in order to stabilise Qt 4.4. By the time of the 4.4 release candidate, we had had two months of continuous feedback and stabilisation work done. And we have one more month left, more or less, by which time KDE 4.2.1 (with its own set of fixes) should be out.

And my personal, subjective experience comparing now (4.5 RC) to 10 months ago (4.4RC), things are a lot better and more stable.

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