Embedded Widgets source code released

You may have already seen our Embedded Widgets Demo. We got a lot of good feedback, including lots of requests for the source code. Therefore, I'm happy to announce that the sources are now available.

Within the project you will find a collection of industrial style widgets - mainly for touch screen interaction. In addition there are two example applications (Patient Care and Catalog), which serve as a showcase for these widgets. Here's a video featuring our lovely Carol:

The emphasis of this demo is on SVG and CSS use and how both these techniques can be combined to build an easy to use, industrial looking
user interface. The target audience for such a UI would for example be an operator in a factory, who is used to physical knobs and turning dials.

Although this demo is mainly targeted at and tested for our embedded platforms (Embedded Linux, Windows CE), it also runs fine on X11 (for example on the N810 with the Qt/Hildon integration), and even on a Mac OS X or Windows desktop.

The heavy use of SVGs paired with transformations, gradients, anti-aliasing and other effects comes with a cost, though: for Qt for Embedded Linux, we suggest to use the configure switch -D QT_COORD_TYPE=double, which will increase the rendering quality.

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