1.1: After the release is before the release

Indeed, time does fly. Today we released Qt Creator 1.1.0 together with Qt 4.5.1, VS Add-in 1.0, and an updated Qt SDK 2009.02 that contains the new Qt and Qt Creator. Get it from the downloads page!

I wrote a lot about the upcoming QtCreator 1.1 already in this blog post on the release candidate, but since you might not be inclined to actually read that as well, I'll just take the chance to repeat myself ;). These are some of the highlights:

  • Completely reworked editor split mechanism
  • Improved function argument hint (since a lot of you reported problems with that one!)
  • Improved open documents view (sorted, single-click, close buttons)
  • Added experimental support for generic Makefile based projects
  • Added signal/slot editor to the form editor

A lot of things are not mentioned above, please have a look at the more complete list of interesting changes.

Thank you all for the last minute feedback. If we didn't manage to put your favorite feature in, don't despair (and please don't get your flame-thrower out), the next release will not be far away. For example we are working full-steam on the cdb (VS debugger) integration. If you want to check out what is going on, have a look at the snapshots (we are in the process of getting them up again. edit: available now), or at the source repository.

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