Jumpstart KDE/Mac development

Whenever I try to play around with KDE 4 on Mac OS X, I find myself mostly compiling and installing 3rdparty libraries. Fink and MacPorts ease software installation, but have one disadvantage: Software packages that are already available on Mac OS X are installed again, sometimes differing only in minor versions. I do understand the philosophy behind it - both projects want to ensure maximum consistency and quality. However, it takes time to compile all the dependencies (e.g. perl5) and it might lead to symbol clashes (Qt links to the system's libiconv, some other KDE dependency to MacPort's libiconv - boom).

So, to jumpstart things - here's my repository of dummy Macports portfiles which will force MacPorts into using the system's libraries. Of course, this should be used with care, will definitely ruin lots of MacPorts packages and is completely unsupported by the MacPorts community. However, it does get shared-mime-info (required for kdelibs) onto your machine in record time.

So, download the Qt/Mac binaries, get the "MacPorts dummies" and be able to hack around on your favorite KDE application in less than a day :)

As for the daring x86_64 Mac Cocoa users - all dummy portfiles are universal. For compiling kdepimlibs, you need this patch to get an universal build of the boost libraries.

Happy Hacking!

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