Trolls at the Desktop Summit

Right now there is the "Gran Canaria Desktop Summit" which is basically GUADEC + Akademy glued together. We're a bunch of Trolls down here basking in the sun, discussing, and socialising with the KDE and Gnome and other open source developers who also took the trip to this beautifull island.

Today we had the opening with keynotes from several people:

Robert Lefkowitz told us that software is rhetorics, and that liberal software is what a gentleman would use.

Walter Bender took us for a trip around the "Sugar Learning Platform".

And, RMS distributed penance and blessings to the evildoers and saints of the software world. Here is a summery:

  • Qt is now perfectly OK (allthough he still can't pronounce it correctly)
  • Apple is about as evil as Microsoft, but they're not publicly admitting to it.
  • C# is dodgy, and
  • Web-services are evil.

Then finally, Quim Gil gave us an update on the Maemo platform.

As I said, we're a bunch of guys from Qt Software down here in Gran Canaria, so if you've got any Qt issues you wanna discuss, feel free to grab one of us at any time. You will recognise us by the black Qt polo-shirts we're wearing. Some of us are also hosting presentations, check out the program here.

We're here for about a week, so expect some more posts :D

Opening of Desktop Summit

Trolls at breakfast

Beer tastes better in the sun

Nightcap on the beach

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