Three new babies

Today, I'm happy to announce three new babies in the ever growing Qt family. The first one is Qt on VxWorks, a port of Qt to the VxWorks real time operating system (RTOS). Being the youngest, it requires some help to run - an X11 server must be installed to get graphical output. Also, due to the configurability of VxWorks, it's pretty likely that it won't even run out of the box, so be prepared for some extra nursing.

The second baby is a bit older - Qt on QNX can run on its own, even without an X11 server, using the Qt Window System (QWS) that up until now has only been available on GNU/Linux. The port contains an experimental io-graphics based QWS screen driver as well as experimental devi-hid based QWS keyboard and mouse drivers. Note that coexistence with QNX's Photon environment is not possible, since QWS wants exclusive access to the screen. Here's an extremely amateur-ish video showing Qt on QNX running on a 266 MHz PowerPC chip as well as on an Intel Atom:

Both babies are community supported (Tier3), so be prepared for messy moments. More technical details can be found in our platform notes, the official announcement can be found here.

And the third baby, you ask? She's about to happen, we wish Robert and his wife all the best, and a special thanks to Robert who merged the ports into Qt's master branch while waiting in the delivery ward.

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