Qt Creator 1.3: what’s cooking?

So, with Qt SDK 2009.04, there is yet another release out of the door. Now, the first question you may have is: "Why is there no update to Qt Creator in this release?". The answer is simple: We are working full steam ahead towards Qt Creator 1.3, which will contain lots of nice features.

We could have rushed some of them into an intermediate release, but then again, testing and packaging takes time. So we decided it would be more useful to release an only slightly tested 1.2.90 technology snapshot, look for feedback from all you out there to verify that there are no severe issues and then continue full steam ahead with the integration of stuff we have been working on.

Since then, we enabled the preliminary Symbian support for the Windows version of Creator. The editor has received some love, featuring an improved indenter and smart auto-completion of braces, comments and quotes. Also, we have exposed the renaming of local variables a bit more. To demonstrate these features, we have prepared a video:

Also, parts of the new refactoring engine, which can be described as improvements on top of the current C++ code model library found its way into Qt Creator. While 1.2.90 already allowed for the renaming, more refactoring will be possible.

We are now going into feature freeze, meaning the last features are now being merged into mainline. It also means that if you want to check out the current state, have a look at the daily snapshots and give feedback on the Qt Creator mailing list.

We will keep you updated with more blogs and screen casts on the road to Qt Creator 1.3. Meanwhile, you can browse the Changes file for features that have been implemented so far. Enjoy!

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