Dev Days is almost here!

Welcome to the first "real" post of our new blog. Judging from our web stats there is at least 80 of you who have already been here (hardly a firehose of traffic, but it'll grow).

Well for all 80 of you who we hope are still reading, we want to remind you that we are just around the corner (or weekend) from our 6th annual Qt Developer Days event in Munich.  This year's event is going to be the biggest Dev Days ever, with over 750 attendees. This also happens to make it Nokia's biggest developer gathering this year as well!

We're looking forward to this year's event as we will have a lot to share with our audience. We're going to be taking the wraps off our updated roadmap, as well as detailing a few other programs and projects we are working on.

Here's a vid from last year's Qt Developer Days:

For those of you who are keen to still participate in Dev Days, we still have registration open for our event in San Francisco on November 2 - 4.

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