Qt 4.6.0 Beta1 for Symbian is out!

Together with the other platforms (finally!) we've now released the Qt 4.6.0 beta1 for Symbian. Get the nice installer here:


So what has happened since the last release (I'm talking about "Tower" released around 3 months ago).

  • We've moved into the Qt 4.6 branch. This means we can break the other platforms - yay!
  • We've added an experimental backend for Phonon (using MMF). It plays audio and video!
  • We've fixed a lot of bugs! Still lots left though.
  • We've added the possibility to have a mouse curser on non-touch devices!
  • QtWebKit has been updated to a newer version
  • The QtScript engine has been completely replaced with a nicer and faster one from WebKit.
  • We've added daily snapshots.
  • Ariya has added some new nice demos. Check out the video below.
  • We've also removed support for compiling qmake with the Nokia Win32 compiler, but added support for MinGW and Visual Studio 200x instead.

If you want to try out these demos on your own S60 phone, here is what you do. Open your browser on the phone and navigate to:


Then simply click on the link found there, answer yes around 20 times to all the dialogs and security warnings. Then once finally done navigate to Applications and launch fluidlauncher.

For help on getting started with your own application development go here. And then finally, the obligatory video of whats new. This time I used a Samsung i8910 and my old trusty Nokia 5800. Enjoy!

Qt 4.6.0 Beta1 demos on YouTube

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