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Qt Declarative Binaries

At the Munich DevDays we got a lot of questions about QML - first among them was where to download it. To celebrate DevDays in San Francisco we are releasing binary snapshots that you can download now for Windows, Mac and Linux.

For those of you who couldn't attend DevDays, QML helps you create exciting UIs like this:

Remember - QML still isn't released so it isn't as solid as we'd like, but it should be enough for you to get started. The packages include a full version of Qt Creator - simply create a new QML project, let your creative juices flow and press play to view your creation in the QML viewer.

When Qt 4.6 is released, we'll make another more up to date package. As we approach this milestone we're focusing our attention on writing tests, squashing bugs, updating docs and giving the examples a little love - so by Qt 4.6 QML should be even better!

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