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Qt 4.6 for Maemo 5 applications on Mac OS X, take II

Last time, I showed a very hacky way to get Qt 4.6 applications built for Maemo 5 on Mac OS X using MADDE, the stand-alone cross-compilation toolkit for Maemo 5.

The newly released technical preview of MADDE fixed some of the issues (bugs #7821 and #7773) that made Qt 4.6 development painful. Also, I've finally found some time to package the Mac OS X host tools required to build Qt apps, so it has never been easier to build applications on top of an unstable (beta) Qt release on top of an unstable (tech-preview) tool chain :)


  1. Install MADDE, version 0.6.14.
  2. Download fetch-qt4.6.2~git20100208-0maemo1.sh and execute it (e.g. with /bin/sh $HOME/Downloads/fetch-qt4.6.2~git20100208-0maemo1.sh). This shell script will download the Qt 4.6 2010-02-08 packages from repository.maemo.org and uncompress them into your MADDE sysroot (fremantle-arm-sysroot-2.2009-51-1-qt453).
  3. Download qt4-maemo5.tar.gz. These are the host tools required to build Qt applications (qmake, moc, rcc, uic and the make specs). Uncompress this file to /opt (e.g. tar -C /opt -zvf $HOME/Downloads/qt4-maemo5.tar.gz)

Run /opt/qt4-maemo5/bin/qmake on your qmake based project to get going. Happy hacking :)

Disclaimer: Building Qt 4.6 on MADDE is not officially supported yet. Proper Qt 4.6 support for the official Maemo SDK and for MADDE will come when Qt 4.6 is promoted from it's /opt/qt4-maemo5 ghetto into /usr, which will most probably happen with the next firmware update.

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