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TDS Driver deprecation.

Those of you who have an interest in the SQL functionality of Qt may have seen my name floating around a bit for the last year or three. I've taken over the care and tending of the SQL subsystem. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Decisions to prune parts of the garden that you've taken into your care. One of those decisions is coming up for the 4.7 release.

The QTDS driver is in dire need of a full rewrite or a deprecation in favour of another system that provides equivalent functionality. As QODBC offers that system, we've decided that this is the path to go down. The biggest problem with the driver is that it's based upon the very old, and across the board very neglected db-lib interface. Sybase, Microsoft, and FreeTDS have all marked this interface as legacy and unsupported. Further down the track (especially if someone feels generous enough to provide this as a code contribution), QTDS may resurrect, rewritten with the ct-lib interface, but seeing as QODBC provides all the functionality we need this is an unlikely state of affairs.

Please feel free to discuss, we are listening, and would like your opinions on this matter.

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