Qt 4.7.0 Tech Preview Released!

Today we have released the absolute latest version of Qt for all those cutting edge folks that want to try out the newest stuff – The Qt 4.7 Tech Preview.
The 4.7.0 TP is the first step of the 4.7 release cycle, and our goal is to showcase our newest technology (such as Qt Quick) and solicit feedback so that we may improve it before locking down our APIs down for the beta. Although the quality isn't at production level quite yet, it should be good enough for demonstrating the new features we have in mind for 4.7 final. The final 4.7.0 release is scheduled for around mid 2010, pending feedback on the new features/designs, and the overall product quality.

For an overview of all our neat new features, then please check out:

To report bugs, and file suggestions, visit our bug tracker at:

This is a source only release, and thus, the zip file for Windows users, and .tar.gz file for all others can be found for compilation at:

My personal favourite feature of this release which I urge all of you to try out is the Qt Creator 2.0 Tech Preview which has full Qt Quick integration. With these tools you can create really neat stuff with big wow factor pretty quick ;)

Thank you all for your feedback so far, and please don't hesitate letting us know what you think and what bugs you find!

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