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Qt 4.7.0 Beta1

Qt 4.7.0 Beta1 is now available for download from the Qt Download Page. The Beta includes both source packages (.zip and .tar.gz format) and binary packages (for Mac Cocoa, Mac Carbon, MinGW 4.4.0 and Visual Studio 2008).

Note that there is a slight change in the naming of Mac packages compared to Qt 4.6.x -- The Carbon packages are now named "qt-mac-carbon-opensource-*", while the Cocoa packages are now named "qt-mac-opensource-*". This reflects the fact that Cocoa is now the primary Mac platform for Qt. Binary packages for Carbon will be discontinued from Qt 4.8 onwards, but will continue to be shipped for the remainder of the 4.7.x series.

For those who wish to use the public git repository from http://qt.gitorious.org/ in preference to downloading a source package, a "v4.7.0-beta1" tag will appear soon.

The purpose of the Beta release is to help us gather feedback on the quality of the 4.7 branch, particularly in terms of stability, performance and documentation. This will enable us to focus our resources on fixing those issues that concern users the most and to decide whether the next step towards the public 4.7.0 release should be a Release Candidate or another Beta.

If you would like to provide feedback, you can do so using the Qt Bug Tracker. If you want to contribute code, documentation or autotests to Qt, all the information you need to get started can be found at: http://qt.gitorious.org/.

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