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Update puts Qt onto your Nokia N900

Nokia N900

Nokia N900 holders rejoice - your device, which was already very nifty and useful, now has an important system update that, among other improvements, includes the Qt libraries. When you install it you are installing Qt onto your device.

The PR 1.2 firmware update for the Nokia N900 was released this week; you can find out more about it at maemo.org .

What does this mean? It means that Qt apps can be installed and run on your device, which is a great thing. All Nokia N900s that ship with this new firmware will have Qt inside them by default.

Consider this: when the new Nokia N8 lands in a few months, Nokia's top two devices -  the flagship Symbian device and the flagship Maemo/MeeGo device -  will both have Qt inside them by default.

So get out there and download that update N900 owners. I've done it (FYI those not on fixed-price data plans might want to use wifi for this) and my N900 has never been happier or Qt-er.

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