Qt 4.7 Release Candidate and Qt Quick

As many of you may already know, a few minutes ago we pushed a Qt 4.7 Release Candidate (RC). Qt 4.7 is a great step forward with regard to performance and the introduction of Qt Quick, and with Qt 4.7 we will see Qt applications run faster and smother than ever before.

With the release of Qt 4.7 including Qt Quick, you will immediately gain access to powerful features for building fluid, animated applications and UIs. Qt Quick is made up of three pieces: (1) the QML language and (2) the QtDeclarative module in the Qt framework, and (3) Qt Quick tooling components in Qt Creator.

Today´s RC, and the final Qt 4.7 release, will bring the first two pieces of Qt Quick. With the release of Qt Creator 2.1 in the fourth quarter of this year, you will get access to a built out set of tooling to make the Qt Quick experience much richer and easier – completing the picture. Snapshots of Qt Creator 2.1 will be made available shortly.

We look forward to your feedback and we encourage you to try out Qt Quick!

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