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Support lab at Qt Developer Days: Out to beat records!

As you all should hopefully be aware by now the annual Developer Days events are coming soon (Oct. 11-13 in Munich, Nov. 1-3 in San Francisco).

For the support team it is one of the highlights of the year. Each year we set up a free support lab where we get to talk face to face with people who need help with Qt. Being able to interact directly with Qt users enables us to solve issues on the spot, and thus cut down the turn around time with passing e-mails back and forth. Last year we were able to solve over 100 issues in total at both Munich and San Francisco, but this year we are looking to blow that number out of the water!

The only way we can beat that figure is if people turn up and ask us questions or showing us which bugs need solving. We may not be able to solve everything there and then (particularly if it's a tricky bug) but we will be able to take the information gained back to Oslo and continue to look at it there further.

On a slightly more personal note, I will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary working in the support department for Trolltech (and now Nokia) on October 13th. To celebrate I will be rolling up my sleeves and joining the rest of the support team in the lab. And to make it extra interesting I am aiming to solve more than my personal best of 20 issues in a single day! So please, I need you to turn up to help me make this happen!

You can find out more information at If you haven't already, please sign up soon!

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