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Labs reborn!

When we first started playing with the idea of a Qt Labs site, there were no resources available on the web team to conceptualize and implement it. So, since the developers wanted a Qt Labs site, we had to do it ourselves. The whole site was put together using various components (Mediawiki, Wordpress and BBpress), by yours truly, and it kinda showed :) Integration wasn't perfect, the forum was largely unused, and CAPTCHA was a bit.. tricky, at times.

However, the web team has stepped in to save us, and gifted us with a proper Qt Labs, which you now are looking at. Smooth, fast and much better integrated into the overall design of Qt's webpages. It even supports print and mobile devices, and sports syntax highlighting for Qt! ;)

#include <QtGui>

// Include header files for application components. // ...

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QApplication app(argc, argv);

// Set up and show widgets. // ...

return app.exec(); }

So, a big thank you to the team that made it all happen: Alexandra, Marius, Gurudutt, Framebase (Design: Gunder) and Trollweb (Development: Roy Andre, Bjørn, Kurt Inge and Jone)!

PS. Registration has now been disabled. No need for an extra login, no tricky CAPTCHA to conquer, just to make a comment.

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