It's official. We are a top place to work

We earned a badge

We don't like to brag. We really don't. We always thought Qt was a good place to work and all, but now it has actually been made official. We have been ranked in the "top 10 places to work in Norway" in a survey of professionals carried out by Universum Communications.

As one of the top ten workplaces, we get a special badge (see right), and the satisfaction of knowing we've been recognised for our open culture, welcoming and inspiring working environment and 'work to live' attitude.

Many of our trolls have stayed with the company year after year, which is something that makes us happy. We're pretty sure that it's not just the free sodas, the waffles on Monday (yes, waffles for all every Monday) and the opportunity to jam with 'the troll band' that keeps them around.

The good news is that we have offices in other countries too, and they are fun, interesting, cool places to work too.

So have a look at our job openings. We have waffles, an electric boogie master, the best football team in the Norwegian tech industry*  and a dog called Pancho the giant Chihuahua. And you get to work with Qt.

Our latest job openings are at

* There are two football teams in the Norwegian tech industry. Qt FC and Opera Software FC. We played Opera FC once this year and beat them 5-2. Man it felt good.

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