Call for Qt Ambassadors

In the past, it has been pretty hard to find out about all the cool projects that have been built with Qt.
I guess no one really had a reason to tell us about their nifty projects. Why would you?
Suddenly, a dawning epiphany landed on me mind, "If we build it, they will come ..."

Alas, the Qt Ambassador Program was born out of a hope to unite Qt developers and show the world that indeed
Qt is used to develop pretty awesome wonders. It is a membership-only program where you can showcase your Qt
project/product by submitting a write-up about what you have developed and as well as
a bit about yourself. Seeing is believing, so screenshots and videos of your project are encouraged.
Wouldn't it be cool to see your application on our Website?

The program improves daily and a couple of neat features/benefits are being added this month to make it easier for
Qt Ambassadors to pick each other's brains on their topic of choice. Make sure you apply before the end of December
to take advantage of pretty nifty benefits.

What you get:

  • Showcase your Qt project(s) on the Qt Ambassador Website
  • Participation in Qt Beta Programs (when available)
  • Candidate to be a speaker at Qt Developer Days
  • Possibility to have your application/device featured in our Qt videos
  • Possibility to have your project sponsored by Qt
  • Qt Ambassador merchandise. Phones? Ja, if you behave.

Anyone can apply, as long as you have developed your project/product with Qt. We don't discriminate - only on
the framework, and that is legal. Apply now.

Check out some of the Qt Ambassador projects in the showcase.

Small note: Thanks to all that have applied so far. Sorry, if we haven't gotten back to you on your application yet.
We have gotten quite many. Don't worry. We are on it.

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