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Qt Creator 2.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 2.2.

Even if this release is following the previous release after not even ten weeks it contains a whole lot of new features as well as bug fixes and enhancements making an update worthwhile.

Let's have a look at some highlights:

  • New Bazaar VCS support by Hugues Delorme.
  • Completely rewritten debugging support for the MSVC toolchain, resulting in significant speed improvements and allowing to debug 32 bit and 64 bit applications independent of the build of Qt Creator itself.
  • New configurable MIME type definitions to map editors to files as you wish (look in Environment->MIME Types).
  • New support recording and playing text editing macros by Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos.
  • New configurable snippets to the editors, already including a range of predefined C++ and QML snippets (see Preferences->Text Editor->Snippets). Snippets support placeholders.
  • New configurable access to external tools, also used, but not restricted to, access to the native Qt translation tool lupdate and lrelease.
  • New pinnable debugger tool tips.
  • New support for the CODA Symbian on-device debugging agent.
  • New Valgrind/memcheck based memory debugger integration added (Debug->Analyzer) for Linux and Mac.
  • New specialized editor for the GL shader language.

Improvements to already existing features include

  • Better QML support, such as completion for urls, file imports and attached properties.
  • Better JSlint-style warnings
  • Better locator filter for QML functions.
  • Improved Qt Quick Designer.
  • Better support for manually configured tool chains.
  • Better support for mixed QML/C++ debugging, like mixed stepping from QML into C++ plugin code.
  • Better customization of build steps through variables like the file path of the current document.
  • Proper quoting and use of native shell syntax when specifying a program’s command line arguments.

...and many more, as listed in the changes file.

Source packages, as well as binaries for Linux, Windows and Mac, are available from The Qt Developer Network. The sources are also directly available from the git repository.

As usual, please don’t hesitate to post suggestions through the usual means, i.e. the Bug tracker, the Mailing list, or the #qt-creator IRC channel on Freenode.

To give some optical impression of Qt Creator, some random screenshots follow:

[gallery size="medium" link="file" exclude="1"]

Qt Creator 2.2 not yet contained in the Qt SDK 1.1, but the plan is, of course, to make it available as update.

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