Qt Creator 2.3 beta released

We are happy to announce the release of the first beta of the new upcoming Qt Creator version 2.3. This time we got one big contribution again, namely lots of fixes to the support of the Bazaar version control system. A big Thank You to Hugues Delorme aka 'cerf' for that! Also many thanks to all the other contributors: all in all we integrated 47 external merge requests into 2.3.

This release adds lots of new features as well as a great amount of bug fixes. I'll mention some prominent ones here (as always, the list is not complete, there is no specific ordering):
  • Qt Creator coding style settingsExample and tutorial browsing with descriptive texts, and filtering for examples matching a keyword
  • Enhanced C++ coding style options, with indent settings and alignment settings split up for the different use cases depending on element, including preview and separation between global and project specific settings
  • Support for deployment and running to a more general "remote Linux" - just add your remote deploy and run configuration to your desktop target and define remote Linux "device" settings (you have to set up your cross-compiler on your own though)
  • Support for compiling projects with the Clang compiler
  • Code completion is now populated in a separate thread, no editor blocking any more
  • Profiling now has it's own "Analyze" mode. Added two more profiling options:
  • Symbian got CODA support, allowing for deployment via WiFi
  • Various Qt Quick support enhancements besides the QML profiling:
    • Support for models and delegates in the Qt Quick Designer - fully populated ListViews, GridViews and PathViews are now available from the item library
    • Support for editing inline components and delegates
    • Improved Live Preview (a.k.a. modifying QML while the app is running in the debugger)
    • Added 'Find usages' functionality for QML types

If you want a more complete list of what has changed you should take a look at the change log, or our bug tracker ('fix version' 2.3.0), or our code repository directly.

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