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Mobile roundup - Nokia Store goes Qt Quick, new Nokia 603 and a tasty SNAC

It's starting to get cold in Oslo, but a few pieces of mobile news have warmed us up this week.

New Nokia Store, all Qt Quick
If you have a Symbian phone like a Nokia N8 or a Qt powered Nokia N9 in your pocket, there is a new store client ready for you, and it is has been rewritten to be all Qt Quick.

The new client arrives in conjunction with a new brand, with Nokia Store officially replacing Ovi Store.

It is packed with smooth QML-based goodness, and ready for you now. The application was written once and deployed to both platforms with minimal source code changes needed.

The Nokia Developer blog has more on the update.

Value, vibrant colours and NFC - the Symbian Belle Nokia 603
Hot on the heels of the Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 comes the colourful, value-packed Nokia 603.

Packing Symbian Belle, a 1Ghz processor and an NFC chip (amazing for a phone at this price point to have NFC), the Nokia 603 is a great new candidate for Qt and Qt Quick developers to target with their applications.

Nokia Conversations has the scoop on the new Nokia 603.


Want nice, free marketing imagery for your Qt mobile app? Try SNAC
Speaking of Nokia Developer, the team there recently launched a nifty tool called SNAC - it's a free, easy way to create marketing images such as banners for your app so it can (potentially) be featured in Nokia Store's 'spotlights' and on their website. Having usable promo images/banner for your Qt mobile app? Smart idea. Learn more about SNAC

Nokia 603 colours



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