Nokia, Canonical, CNN, the Qt Project and much more at Qt Developer Days

Today over 900 members of the Qt community shared, learned and experienced the entire expanse of the Qt universe on day two of Qt Developer Days Munich.

The enthusiasm was high as we kicked off the tech track and Qt in Use sessions, with developers already asking us when they can have another look at the presentation slides online! (The answer is that we expect to begin adding them after the San Francisco event BTW)

Developers arrived early to register, and hit the keynote sessions at 09:00.

Nokia SVP Developer Experience and Marketplace Marco Argenti opened the show with a rousing keynote that delved into Qt, Nokia and the future. It was warmly received, as it showed the continued Nokia commitment to Qt and the Qt ecosystem.

Also extremely well received was the surprise gift Marco had; a shiny new Nokia N9 for a large number of attendees (following a random selection process).

Canonical Director of Engineering Rick Spencer took the stage to share some of the current and future Ubuntu story, talking about the Qt-based Unity 2D desktop, and the role Qt plays in their development strategy.

The keynote also featured valuable open source project insights, particularly topical given the recent launch of the Qt Project and we look forward to further advice and guidance from our friends at Canonical as we move Qt Project forward.

Louis Gump, Vice President of CNN Mobile followed Rick’s keynote with a thought-provoking overview on how the global news giant CNN sees mobile within its strategy, and the way they used Qt on Symbian to expand their reach.

The longest keynote of the day was the final one, presented by Qt Chief Architect (and Qt Project Chief Maintainer) Lars Knoll.

Talking at length about the Qt Project, Qt 5 and coming technology such as QML 2, he sent the audience off into the break on a high as he provided some glimpses of future ideas, and showed how to contribute to Qt under the new structure of the Qt Project.


A long but very productive day wound up with a highly sociable happy hour function and then dinner with the Qt team, both sponsored by Gold event sponsor KDAB.

The dinner was an amazing concept, and a lot of fun. Dispensing with the traditional sit-down format, the meal (which was very good) took a back seat to the entertainment - a Qt carnival with a touch of Oktoberfest, with amazing activities for attendees to try. The sight of Qt developers stuck upside down on a Velcro wall, swinging giant hammers at a sideshow-style strength tester or crouching on a human roulette wheel until they were flung off was an absolute highlight.

The conference powers on for one more day, and we’ll be back soon on this blog with a show wrap from Daniel Kihlberg.

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