Presenting Qt Commercial 4.8.0 Final

We have had many busy months in Qt Commercial R&D working really hard to provide you the Qt Commercial 4.8.0 release. I am happy to announce its availability for download in our Qt Commercial support portal. Based on the open-source version of Qt 4.8.0,  Qt Commercial 4.8.0 includes several important improvements and error corrections that we have made for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris desktop users. In addition, we have done many improvements to the embedded and real-time operating systems, including support for new platforms.


  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Threaded OpenGL and http
  • New public API's: Localization and IP multicast
  • Windows Embedded Standard and Compact 7 support
  • INTEGRITY real-time operating system support
  • QNX real-time operating system support (beta)
  • Qt on embedded Linux still supported
  • Xcode 4.2 support


We have done some math and counted Qt Commercial 4.8.0 to contain 358 important improvements and error corrections over the 4.7.4 release, as well as a new Webkit with 704 improvements and fixes compared to the previous Webkit version. Compared to the open-source Qt 4.8.0 there are 118 additional improvements in the Qt Commercial 4.8.0 release. We have contributed all these improvements, and a large amount of other items to the open-source for inclusion in later Qt releases.

Based on customer requests and our user survey in May, we have included official support for several new platforms in Qt Commercial 4.8.0. These new platforms include Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded Compact 7, QNX and INTEGRITY real-time operating systems, as well as official support for RedHat Enterprise Linux and Solaris. I am really happy that it is now possible to leverage the cross-platform capabilities of Qt Commercial in all these new platforms. You can check a list of all our supported platforms here.


Even though 4.8.0 already contains a huge amount of improvements to previous versions, we will create many 4.8.x patch releases throughout 2012, providing you with further improvements. The 4.8 release is extremely important and will be around for a long time. I want to highlight that Standard support for Qt Commercial 4.8 is available at least until 2014 for all Qt Commercial licensees, after which extended lifetime support will be available. So, you can rest assured that your investments are safe with Qt Commercial.


With 4.8.0 now available we can finalize our new Qt Commercial SDK, which is expected to be released in early January 2012. The new SDK contains Qt Commercial 4.8.0, Qt Commercial Creator 2.4.0 and some additional tools. Both standalone installers and SDK installers will be available throughout the lifecycle of 4.8. In addition, we will also provide standalone Qt Commercial Creator 2.4.0 installers. Furthermore, an updated Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.10 is soon available for download in the Qt Commercial support portal.

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Have a look at the Qt Commercial 4.8.0 release notes here.