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Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Customer Survey raffle!

A huge thanks to all who filled out the Qt Commercial 2012 Customer Survey!


We asked a lot of questions and I am really happy that so many of you took the time to answer the complete survey! The data is crucially important for us to understand where you are with your development projects, what are the items you need and how we can serve you better.


Especially with the upcoming transition to Qt 5 and increasing amount of Qt Commercial added features and functionality it is important for us to learn about your plans and preferences. I was very happy to notice that many of you have already planned to migrate to Qt 5. We also asked about the platforms you want to run Qt on so that we have a solid base for planning the Qt Commercial supported platforms for Qt 5.


In addition to the platforms, we will actively use your feedback to tailor our roadmap and development projects. Similarly as for the survey we did in 2011 your feedback will guide and provide us with the tools and advice we need in order to focus on increasing the use of Qt everywhere.


We have now gone through the initial findings of the survey data within our R&D management team. In the autumn, we’ll dig deeper to analyse all the answers in full detail. We will also involve the development teams in the process and work out together the development plans to meet the needs you have told us..


Qt Commercial 2012 Customer Survey raffle


It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the Qt Commercial 2012 Customer Survey raffle:


Basudev Chaudhuri - Engineering Tools Developer, Blue Origin, LLC, (Kent, WA, USA)
- Asus - ZENBOOK UX21E-XH71 11.6" LED Ultrabook - Intel Core i7 i7-2677M 1.80 GHz
Pierrick Rousseau - Software Engineer, Fresenius Vial (Brézins – France)
- Apple - MacBook Air - Intel Core i5 Processor - 11.6" Display - 4GB Memory - 128GB




Congratulations to both of you!


And thank you once more to everyone who participated in the survey. We look forward to sharing the exciting developments based on the survey with you soon!