Qt 5.0 RC2 released

It’s been one week since we released the first Release Candidate for Qt 5.0 during the Qt Developer Days in Santa Clara. After evaluating the feedback and going through the list of reported bugs, we decided that RC1 wasn’t good enough for a final release.

We have been using the last week to fix a lot of the reported bugs, and are now happy to announce that we have a second release candidate available for testing. You can download it from It is also available from the Digia customer portal for commercial licensees.

This release candidate looks a lot better then RC1. There are very few known issues with it and almost all P0 and P1 bugs got fixed. A lot of additional work has happened in fixing documentation, polishing the examples and making the whole installation experience smoother.

Once again, I’d like to invite as many people as possible to give the RC2 a try and report back any issues that you find. If everything goes well, we will hopefully be able to release Qt 5.0.0 final next week!