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New maintenance tool for the commercial Qt 4.8 SDK available

We have today released an update of the Qt 4.8 SDK maintenance tool for commercial licensees.

The new maintenance tool, version 1.0.3, provides minor maintenance updates with two notable improvements:

  • Default installation path for Windows is no longer under user's home folder
  • License key handling has been improved for evaluation use

There is no immediate need to update the maintenance tool, but it is mandatory to do so before installing new software components through the SDK.

The Qt 4.8 SDK is the primary tool for installing updates and new add-on functionality, as well as maintaining the configuration of your own Qt toolset. It connects to the online repository with all the commercially licensed Qt 4.8 offering including many additional components such as the Charts add-on and ready-made images of Qt for embedded.

We are working to make similar online SDK available also for Qt 5 – most likely available at the end of March or early April. For Qt 5 we aim to provide an SDK also for the LGPL licensed version of Qt in addition to the one available for the commercial licensees.

Those who already have the commercial Qt 4.8 SDK installed can update to the new maintenance tool 1.0.3 directly via the SDK. If you are a commercial licensee and do not yet use the SDK, you can download the maintenance tool from the Customer Portal. If you are not a commercial licensee, you can download our free 30-day evaluation, try it out and see how you like it.

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