Qt Creator 2.7.0 RC released

Today we published the Qt Creator 2.7.0 release candidate. Since the set of features is the same as for the beta release of course, I'll just point you to the blog post by André about that, who summarized it quite nicely.  But of course we sat down and fixed lots of bugs, summing up to a total of 490 changes. Thanks to all who helped by testing, reporting bugs, debugging and actually fixing!

Just to mention a few things: There were lots of fixes to the C++ code model again,  with one fix that almost is a sneaked in feature: The C++ quick fix "Add Definition" now also works for non-member functions. Android support got some polish, like fixing kits when the used NDK changes. The kits received some more love in general, with around 30 fixes alone in the area of tool chains, Qt versions, devices and kit setup. On the debugger front, it's for example now possible to use mini dumps on Windows. And Leena fixed the documentation all over the place, as always many thanks to her!

Users of the open source version of Qt Creator should jump over to the Qt Project downloads page, commercial customers find their packages in the Customer Portal.

Important note for developers for Madde: Madde support has been disabled by default in Qt Creator 2.7. If you still want to use it, you need to enable it, first run Qt Creator with command line argument "-load Madde" (that is important, otherwise you will lose existing Madde settings like tool chains and Qt versions), then open Help > About Plugins and enable the Madde plugin.

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