Qt Charts 1.2.1 released

The Qt Charts 1.2.1 is a patch-level release containing 9 fixes which are listed in the README file included in the source package. We are currently working on the next release, which brings Polar and Box Plot charts and some API enhancements suggested by charts users.

For an overview of the Charts functionality, please refer to the Charts product page and the latest new features are listed in the 1.2.0 release announcement.

We have made the Charts 1.2.1 release available to commercial Qt licensees through the Qt Customer Portal. The release team is working on a new SDK and therefore the Charts is not yet available through there yet. Stay tuned.

If you don't have a commercial license for Qt, you can test out the Charts 1.2.1 by downloading a 30-day free evaluation. Let us know what you think!